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Miss Iman: Story #4 from #200students200stories

Our second story is about Iman, one of teachers at the Nour Center. 

Iman teaches the youngest students at the center, and despite frequently having a full classroom (with 40+ students!) she always remains calm and composed. Iman has the ability to keep the attention of a very full classroom of energetic young students, as you can see from this video of her classroom. In the video, she is telling her students to "lock their lips with a key and throw the key into the ocean" as they work on quiet drawing. This ability to provide a safe and stable environment is especially admirable, given that many of the Nour Center students, and many students coming from Syria, have missed years of schooling and frequently find the transition to a traditional classroom setting very difficult.

When we ask students what they like about the Nour Center, a frequent answer is: "I love Miss Iman." 

You can help support Iman and her students at the Nour Center by selecting the different donation levels on our fundraising page-- whether this is contributing $10 toward the Nour Center Emergency Fund, which helps provide necessities like shoes or clothing to the neediest students, or contributing toward sending a particular student (like Asia, Abdel, Mohammed, or Fatima) to school for a year! #200students200stories #SaveNour2018

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