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Drama!: Story #7 from #200students200stories

Today's story is about drama. The first time I brought up the word "trauma" to Nour Center director Mariam al Shaar, she thought I was saying "drama." It took us about 5 minutes to understand each other - and come to an understanding about what this word, "trauma", meant to the both of us. In many ways, we are still negotiating this word in our work at the Nour Center.  This linguistic and cultural exchange can be challenging at times, but it's reminded me of the power of listening and constructing new meanings across differences. And it's also reminded me that drama and trauma not only rhyme but at times can also complement each other. We share our stories through performance. 

Today's video is of the young ladies of the Nour Center preparing for Nour International's Annual Fundraising Dinner at the American Community School at Beirut. They're using drama, music, and their voices to tell their stories. 

Head over to our Facebook page to watch the video:

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