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Nanjing International School: Story #2 from #200students200stories

This week, we would like to share a story about the amazing group of theater students from the Nanjing International School in Nanjing who recently joined the Nour International network.

This year, they fundraised for the #savenour2018 campaign through their performance called the "Global Countdown." This performance explored the idea of ‘Global leaders’ and ‘World Domination’ through the form of a TV Game show. Its aim was to encourage thought about the leaders who are in power in 2017 and the potential for leaders in the future. It also brought to light the many challenges that we are facing in the world today including environmental destruction, mental illness, climate change, terrorism, conflict, war, refugees and migration.

We would like to thank the Nanjing International School for spreading awareness on these crucial issues and supporting our cause. We will be sharing a video they created for the Nour Center students soon. Stay tuned! #200students200stories

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